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Swatch Men's Watch Irony Big Classic Flattering YWS425G

New -8% Buy Swatch Men's Watch Irony Big Classic Flattering YWS425G

Swatch Men's Watch Irony Big Classic Flattering YWS425G - Buy Swatch Watches Online

Swatch YWS425G Irony Big Classic Flattering Men's Watch, Model number: YWS425G, Category: Swatch Watches.
Buy Swatch Watch YWS425G, Swatch YWS425G Irony Big Classic Flattering Men's Watch.
Looking for Swatch YWS425G Irony Big Classic Flattering Men's Watch?
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Swatch YWS425G Irony Big Classic Flattering Men's Watch is a Swatch product.
It's selected according to high standards of quality and offered at special price.
The materials used for the case and strap, the care of workmanship of the glass, the cure for the details of the dial,
the quality of movement, the original design make this product indispensable for those who love the genre, and that only Swatch can give you.
Buy this product among the many new features that are in the category Swatch Watches.
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Swatch YWS425G Irony Big Classic Flattering Men's Watch it is a Swatch product, excellent brand of Watches.
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 warranty, payment terms, delivery time, and the right of withdrawal. We ship worldwide.
The product is genuine, authentic in all its parts, new with label and with original packaging.
Swatch YWS425G Irony Big Classic Flattering Men's Watch it is a Swatch product. An original idea for your gifts...!!!

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How to maintain the quality of your Swatch watch:


Your Swatch is water-resistant. A hard knock or other events such as battery changes might cause the watch to lose its water-resistance without you realizing it. Therefore, it is recommended to check it regularly.


Be careful when changing the battery of your watch. There is a risk of damaging the movement and deteriorate the water-resistance.


For all bracelets (except leather and delicate straps) and all water resistant watch cases use a toothbrush with soapy water and a soft cloth for drying.


Always rinse your watch with lukewarm water afterwards. Seawater especially affects the quality of the leather, painting and plastic.


Avoid placing your watch on speakers or other electrical motors with strong magnetic fields as they can affect the running of your Swatch watch.


A hard knock might cause diverse damages to your watch. Therefore, avoid all types of shocks, including thermal shocks.


Avoid extreme temperatures above 60C or 140 F, below -10C or 14F or extreme temperature changes.


The date of the Swatch watch changes between 11 PM and 3 AM. Therefore, do not adjust the date function during this time. It could seriously damage the watch movement.


Light scratches on your synthetic glass can disappear by polishing it. Use polish cream (or abrasive dental fresh) or go to your Swatch retailer to refresh your watch.


Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, mosquito repellent, perfumes, sun creams or other cosmetic and chemical products since they may damage the bracelet, the watch case, the glass or other synthetic and natural parts of your watch.


If you have a problem with your Swatch product, contact us.


All watches are accompanied by the manufacturer's warranty and it is guaranteed for a period of

twenty four (24) months from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any defects in the material with which

it was built the watch or the jewel, and manufacturing defects existing at the time in which they were sold.

During the warranty period you will have the right to repair your article for free.

If repairs are improper to restore the normal conditions use of the same, we guarantee

the replacement of the product with similar characteristics.


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